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  • The penile tip has a ventral curvature with  erection
  • The frenulum can tear and bleed with intercourse


Why is it done?

  • To straighten out a curved penis pulled ventrally by a tight frenulum


How is it done?

  • This is done under general anaesthetic or a penile block.
  • A horizontal cut is made through the tightest part of the frenulum
  • The incision is then closed by opposing edges in the vertical plane.
  • Dissolvable sutures are placed between the 2 remaining edges.

A local anaesthetic is injected into the base of the penis thus giving postoperative pain relief for the next 4-6 hours


  • Any anaesthetic has its risks and the anaesthetist will explain such risks.
  • Bleeding is a common complication.
  • With any subsequent erections postoperatively, the sutures may pull out causing an opening of the wound with subsequent bleeding.
  • An infection of the wound can occur

NB! Each person is unique and for this reason, symptoms may vary

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