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Dr. Jo Schoeman is a specialist Urologist and Surgeon offering the highest standards of care.

Jo Schoeman – Specialist Urologist Brisbane

Welcome to the world of Urology.

I am a Urological Surgeon and am passionate about my God-given gift and expertise in assisting people from all walks of life to overcome urological health issues which can seriously impact their wellbeing.

I hope you will find this site useful. It is designed to provide patients with information regarding:

  • Urological procedures commonly performed
  • the benefits of these procedures
  • the possible complications of these procedures, and
  • referrals to other sites should this information be insufficient.

I am a general Urologist with extensive experience. I worked in both public and private practice in South Africa for the first 11 years of my Urology career, laying a sound foundation with a broad skill base. In 2007 I relocated to Melbourne, where I obtained my fellowship in Urology with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons within 15 months. I was then appointed as the only Urologist in Bundaberg where I was stationed for 5 years. This equipped me to face all Urological challenges. I worked in both the private hospitals as well as the Bundaberg Base Hospital.

One of the most uplifting moments was being one of the founding members of the Pelvic Medicine Centre, a centre dedicated to Urinary Incontinence and the treatment thereof, and I am also honoured to be a part of the first Australian Accredited Robotic Centre of Excellence at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.

Urologist Brisbane

Rezum Therapy of Prostate

Greenlight Laser Vaporization for Prostate Enlargement

Your Trusted Urologist Brisbane

Dr. Schoeman values open communication and actively involves patients in their treatment plans. Whether it’s a routine check-up, managing a chronic condition, or exploring surgical options, he ensures that patients are well-informed and comfortable throughout the process. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, Dr. Jo Schoeman employs cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

(07) 3371 7288

Service Locations

Jo’s main practice is situated at the



Suite 10, Level 9
Evan Thomson Building
24 Chasely Street
Auchenflower, 4066

Tel: (07) 3371 7288
Fax: (07) 3870 5350

Urologist Brisbane

Jo’s locations include:

St. Andrews War Memorial Hospital

Urodynamic Studies and Operating

457 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill QLD 4001
Pelvic Medicine Centre
(North Street Entrance)

Tel: (07) 3371 7288

Hospital (07) 3834 4444


Caboolture Private Hospital

Consulting and Operating every Monday.

McKean Street
Caboolture QLD 4510

Tel: Appointments (07) 3371 7288

Hospital (07) 5495 9400




Mater Misericordiae Hospital Bundaberg

Consulting and Operating at Professional Medical Suites.

 313 Bourbong Street
Bundaberg West QLD 4670

Tel: Appointments (07) 3371 7288,

Mater Hospital (07) 4153 9539