Item Number: 36666, 36663, 18262

The aim is to alter the neuro-transmission from the Spinal Centre to the Bladder

Why is it done?

  • Incomplete Bladder emptying, large post-void residual urine volumes
  • Under Active Bladders
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain
  • Causative factors:

– Undetermined
– Neurogenic causes such as Multiple Sclerosis,
– Diabetes

How is it done?

  • Sedation is administered with a local anaesthetic
  • You will be placed prone (on your stomach) with lower back and buttocks exposed
  • The tined lead will be placed in the S3 foramina of the sacrum under imaging
  • The lead will be tunnelled under the skin and connected to an Internal Battery
  • A pocket will be made for the permanent subcutaneous battery and connection
  • Subcutaneous sutures will be placed, which will dissolve.



  • Some local discomfort may be experienced.
  • A nerve stimulator may provide abnormal sensations, which your body adjusts to.
  • A Representative from Medtronic will be in contact with you to check on your settings and responses.
  • A review at SAWMH with Medtronics will be scheduled at 3 months, to confirm that the device is functioning optimally
  • Further review appointments will be scheduled as required
  • The battery should last between 7-10 years
  • NB! Each person is unique and for this reason, symptoms may vary!


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