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Why is it done?

  • Enlarged scrotum
  • Could be uncomfortable
  • The cyst can become so big that the enlarged scrotum buries the penis making usual functions difficult, ie urination and sexual function
  • May contribute to Infertility


How is it done?

  • This procedure is done under general anaesthetic.
  • Supine position.
  • The penis and scrotum is surgically prepared with Betadine
  • A midline scrotal incision is done.
  • The intact spermatocoele/epididymal cyst with the testis is delivered through the skin incision.
  • The epididymocoele is carefully surgical resected off the spermatic cord or epididymis.
  • A hemostatic running suture is placed around the raw edge of resection if required
  • Hemostasis is actively chased.
  • A drain is left overnight.
  • An Indwelling catheter is left for 6-8 hours to prevent acute urinary retention.
  • The scrotum is closed in 2 layers with dissolvable sutures.
  • You would be required to bring 2 pairs of tight new undies for post-operative scrotal support, these will be placed post-operatively




  • Any anaesthetic has its risks and the anaesthetist will explain such risks.
  • Bleeding is a possible complication, therefore, the scrotal drain/s overnight.
  • Your catheter will be removed the next
  • You will have scrotal swelling and bruising for the next 2-6 weeks
  • Any sudden, increased swelling needs urgent attention!
  • Any symptoms of fever and signs of infection require urgent attention!


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