As the temperatures drop and winter settles in, many people focus on staying warm and avoiding seasonal illnesses like colds and flu. However, winter also brings its own set of urological issues that can affect your health and well-being. Dr. Jo Schoeman, a renowned urologist in Brisbane, offers insights into the common urology problems during the colder months and provides tips on how to take care of your urinary health this winter.

Common Urology Issues in Winter


Winter can exacerbate certain urological conditions or lead to new issues. Here are some of the most common urology problems seen during the colder months:

1. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

While UTIs can occur at any time of the year, they tend to be more frequent in winter. The reasons include:

– Dehydration: People often drink less water in winter, leading to concentrated urine, which can promote bacterial growth.
– Weakened Immune System: The immune system can be compromised due to cold weather and seasonal illnesses, making it easier for infections to develop.


2. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are more likely to form in the winter due to:

– Dehydration: Similar to UTIs, insufficient fluid intake can lead to the formation of kidney stones.
– Dietary Changes: Holiday indulgences in salty and sugary foods can contribute to stone formation.


3. Prostate Problems

Cold weather can exacerbate symptoms of prostate issues such as:

– Prostatitis: Inflammation of the prostate can worsen with the cold, leading to increased discomfort and urinary symptoms.
– Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): The symptoms of BPH, such as frequent urination and urgency, can become more noticeable in winter.


4. Incontinence

Cold weather can lead to increased urinary frequency and urgency, potentially worsening incontinence. This can be due to:

– Cold Stress: The body’s reaction to cold can cause the bladder to contract more often.
– Layered Clothing: Wearing multiple layers of clothing can delay access to the restroom, increasing the risk of accidents.



Tips for Maintaining Urinary Health in Winter


To keep your urinary system healthy during the colder months, Dr. Jo Schoeman, a leading urologist in Brisbane, recommends the following tips:

1. Stay Hydrated

Even though you might not feel as thirsty, it’s crucial to drink plenty of water. Proper hydration helps dilute urine and flush out bacteria, reducing the risk of UTIs and kidney stones.


2. Dress Warmly

Keeping your body warm, especially your lower abdomen and pelvic area, can help prevent the exacerbation of urological conditions like prostatitis.


3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Avoid excessive consumption of salty and sugary foods, which can contribute to kidney stone formation. Incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and minerals that support urinary health.


4. Practice Good Hygiene

Ensure proper hygiene to prevent infections. This includes regular washing and proper cleaning after using the restroom.


5. Regular Check-Ups

If you have a history of urological issues, schedule regular check-ups with your urologist. Early detection and management can prevent complications.


6. Be Mindful of Symptoms

Pay attention to any changes in your urinary habits or symptoms such as pain, urgency, or frequency. If you notice anything unusual, seek medical advice promptly.

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When to See a Urologist

If you experience persistent or severe symptoms related to your urinary system, it’s important to consult a specialist. Dr. Jo Schoeman, an experienced urologist in Brisbane, can provide expert diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of urological conditions.

Symptoms to Watch For:

– Persistent pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen or back
– Blood in urine
– Frequent or urgent need to urinate
– Difficulty urinating
– Unusual changes in urinary habits


Taking care of your urological health during winter is essential for overall well-being. By staying hydrated, maintaining a healthy diet, and being mindful of symptoms, you can reduce the risk of common urological issues. If you need professional advice or treatment, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Jo Schoeman, your trusted urologist in Brisbane. Stay warm, stay healthy, and take care of your urinary health this winter.

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