Pelvi-Ureteric Junction Obstruction Repair

Laparoscopic / Open PUJ repair

Product Summary: AMA rates Dismembered Pyeloplasty Item Number: 36564, 105 A congenital or acquired narrowing in the ureteric pelvis junction. This narrowing is excised with a reconnection. There are several techniques described in repairing this: I prefer the...

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Laser Endo-Pyelotomy

Product Summary: AMA rates. Endoscopic opening of pelvi-ureteric junction stricture. Item number: 36825, 105 Endoscopic technique of incising a short stricture with a laser. A stent remains 6 weeks post operatively Why is it done? Stricturing or narrowing of the...

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Ureteric Injury

Product Summary: AMA rates Repair of ureteric injury Item Number: 36573, 105 Infrequently ureteric injuries can occur with other abdominal surgery i.e.: Hysterectomy. Ovarian mass resection. Bowel resections. Sacro Colpo-pexy. If the injury is below the pelvic brim...

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