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An Endoscopic bulking procedure to stop VUR

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Vesico-ureteric reflux. It is a minimally invasive procedure perform with endoscopy. A synthetic material (Macroplastique) is injected at the ureteric opening to prevent reflux.

Why is it done?

Grade 3-4 Vesico-Ureteric Reflux where conservative management has failed with a progressive deterioration in renal function.

How is it done?

    • Patients will receive a general anaesthesia.
    • Prophylactic antibiotics is given.
    • The correct ureteric system is identified and marked while you are awake.


  • This will be an endoscopic procedure.
  • A Cystoscopy will be done with injection of Macroplastique just under the affected ureteric orifice.
  • Enough Macroplastique will be injected to partially close the ureteric opening, yet not obstructing the orifice.
  • An indwelling catheter is placed.

What next?

  • You may be in hospital the day or overnight.
  • As soon as you are comfortable with no signs of pain and emptying your bladder sufficiently, you will be discharged.
  • A ward prescription may be issued on your discharge, for your own collection at any pharmacy.
  • A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for 6 weeks to review with a CT IVP and cystogram to check on the end result of the ureter.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask Jo if you have any queries.

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Endoscopic vesicoureteric reflux surgery (STING)