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Intra cavernous injections for erectile dysfunction, demonstrating and teaching self administration.

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Why is it done?

    • A treatment option for erectile dysfunction.
    • Usually when oral techniques have failed ie Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.
    • Or where the patient wishes to skip the oral phase for some more effective.
    • ED can occur from the age of 40.
    • More common in guys with risk factors:
      • Older.
      • Over weight.
      • Diabetic, Hypertensive, Cardiac issues.
    • An alternative is a Vacuum Device.
    • Worse cases may require a penile prosthesis.

How is it done?

      • This procedure is done at home.
      • You will be give hands-on instruction.
      • An effective dose will be determined.
      • A pre-made-up syringe with a determined dose is made ready prior to setting the stage for the injection.
      • The penis is pulled away from your body with the non-dominant hand.
      • The injection site is cleaned with an alcohol wipe.
      • Caverject is injected at the base of the Corpora Cavernosa at an angle of 45 degrees with the shaft.
      • Allow 5 minutes for an erection to be obtained.
      • The erection lasts approximately 20 minutes.

What next?

      • Once the correct the dose has been established.
      • You feel comfortable using the injections.
      • A repeat script will be issued.
      • Your GP will continue with the medication.
      • Dr Michael Gillman, Mens Health Physician is a fantastic alternative.


    • Dose too high for the individual.
    • Prolonged painfull erection.
    • If erection lasts longer than 4-6 hours, it becomes an emergency and you are required to visit your local Emergency Department.
    • This will be drained with a syringe.
    • A surgical bypass my be done with possible erectile dysfunction as complication.

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Caverject Intra-Cavernosal Injections